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Metal End Caps

Metal End Caps

We have in our standard production range a wide variety of metal end caps. In addition to standard dust collector cartridge size, we have developed all end caps like Nederman caps, Oval caps, RD-series caps, Tenkay and also of non-standard designs developed as per customer specific requirements.
Metal End Caps come in a variety of metal grades and finishes, i.e.

  • CRCA (Cold Rolled Cold Annealed)  which are supplied in electro-plated finish,
  • GPSP (Galvanized Plain & Skin Passed) which have a coating of Zinc-alloy layers  of not less than 180 GSM (Grams per Square Meter),
  • St. steel 304 grade
  • St. steel 316 grade
  • Aluminium


Large production quantities are generally formed on  Press Tools and can  be supplied in varied range of profiles.