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Seal & Gaskets

Seal & Gaskets

The seals and gaskets can be provided in various profiles and cross-sections  which  are effective in sealing against leakage or mixing of dusty air with the clean or filtered air in the Filter/Bag Housing or Dust collector.

These seals can be provided in various molded  profiles which fit on the circumference of  molded plastic end-caps of filters.

The materials of these seals can vary between Natural Rubber; Sponge Rubber; EPDM Rubber; Neoprene Rubber; Nitrile Rubber or High Temperature Silicon Rubber or any Anti-static grade material.

The seals can also be supplied in other simple cross-sectional profiles like – Triangular; Square; Rectangular; Round; Oval or Flat. These seals are pasted either on top surface or bottom surface of the End-caps of the filters and are effective in sealing against dust ingression in Filter Houses or Dust collectors.