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Dauji  engineering can offer a variety of filter products which find their application in filtration needs in different industries and for filtration of different medias. Some of our developed filter products are :

High Velocity Panel Filter :

This high velocity panel filter consists of a find zinc electroplated wire mesh screen of aluminium, St. Steel or bronge in herringbone crimp and stainless steel or galvanised frame.

The unique arrangement of the screens allow dirt to be loaded progressively through the media and not just on the face of the media. and it is easy to clean this type of filter with a stream of a water.

The filters are available in a variety of frame sizes & varying mesh sizes.

Metal Free Fuel Filter Elements


This filter forms a integral combination of hous

ing and filter element both and provides a superior protection to the diesel engine from any dirt, dust, rust, water and other contaminants that lead to the wear and tear of the fuel system and the engine.

It reliably filters out particles down to 4-5 microns and attain 100% water separation with diesel fuel.



String Wound  Polypropylene Yarn Cartridge

String Wound Polypropylene Yarn Cartridge Filters are an economical solution to filter out suspended matter, sand, silt, grit and rust from water. Other than water purification, they are also used in beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


These filters are made of Polypropylene strings that are wound tightly over a Polypropylene core which strengthens the cartridge.

String Wound Cartridges can filter out particles from as low as 1 micron to 200 micron and are generally available in standard lengths of 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” .


Standard diameters available are in 62mm (Slim) and 105mm (Jumbo). However length and diameters other than standard can also be provided on requirement.


Zig Zag Oil Filter


These filters are made of high quality filtering medium and are used in the fuel line of passenger vehicles like Audi, Mercedes, Skoda, Volkswagen and so on.

The unique design of these filters facilitates accommodation of more pleated media inside the same volume, thus increasing the filtration capacity of the filter, while maintaining high flow rate.