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Airflow and Life Efficiency Testing Machine

Airflow and Life Efficiency Testing Machine

This testing unit checks the air flow capacity, life efficiency, dust holding capacity and other parameters of Air Filters as per ARAMCO and ASHRAE standard.

  • Can be used to test both Automobile Air Filter and Industrial Air filter.
  • Air Blower capacity = 2000CFM(for Automobile Air Filter)

3000CFM (for Industrial Air Filter)

  • Static Pressure = 15” Water Gauge
  • Motor capacity = 15HP (for Automobile Air Filter)

60HP (for Industrial Air Filter)

  • Air Duct Line   = 200mm (for Automobile Air Filter)

400mm (for Industrial Air Filter)

  • Provided with Butterfly Valve, Dust Feeder, Orifice Plate, In-line Filter, Water Manometers and other requirement as per test standards.
  • Provided with automatic back-flashing system with Solenoid valves.
  • Can be provided with either one filter mounting system or six filter mounting system.